3 Best Drives for Corvette Owners

I have had the fortune of traveling to a lot of places in the United States over my life. And as summer approaches, I wanted to put together a short list of my favorite 3 places I think you should take your Vette as you hit the road this Summer!

  1. Pike’s Peak, Colorado

America’s Mountain is the perfect match for America’s Sports Car. This 13 mile stretch of road ascends to over 14,000 feet with corners that will make most want to close their eyes. If you can stomach the heights, this road is perfect for some summer sight seeing.

2. Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Growing up in Georgia, I crossed these mountains many times. During summer, you can roll the windows down or pop the top as you ride through tree tops. The closer you get to fall, the more beautiful the view!

3. Going To The Sun, Montana

This one is next on the list for me. I have seen this spot so many times. Now that things are opening up, I am hoping to cross this one of the list. This 50 mile stretch of road keeps going up and up, hence the name!

Where are you planning on taking your Vette this Summer??
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From Worst to First

Obviously the success of the Corvette goes without saying. Corvettes are some of the most popular cars on the road in America.

We are now on the 8th generation of America's muscle car. This new 8th generation also took home the top prize at the beginning of the year by becoming America's fastest selling car.

This success can be credited to a community of enthusiasts as well as sports car fans, coming together and buying the newest installment.

However, this success was not present at the release of the first run of Corvettes.

When GM launched the C1 Corvettes, they decided to go the route of exclusivity. The Corvette was marketed as a premium vehicle, and the market didn't bite.

The first run of 300 did not sell completely. Believe it or not, the Corvette brand was on the verge of being discontinued because demand was not as expected.

But GM stuck with their new machines, and now, after decades of beautiful innovation, we can all be rest assured that Corvette will be a name that lasts for many generations to come!
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